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1 a small indefinite number; "he's coming for a couple of days"
2 a pair of people who live together; "a married couple from Chicago" [syn: mates, match]
3 a pair who associate with one another; "the engaged couple"; "an inseparable twosome" [syn: twosome, duo, duet]
4 two items of the same kind [syn: pair, twosome, twain, brace, span, yoke, couplet, distich, duo, duet, dyad, duad]
5 something joined by two equal and opposite forces that act along parallel lines


1 bring two objects, ideas, or people together; "This fact is coupled to the other one"; "Matchmaker, can you match my daughter with a nice young man?"; "The student was paired with a partner for collaboration on the project" [syn: match, mate, pair, twin]
2 link together; "can we couple these proposals?" [syn: couple on, couple up] [ant: uncouple]
3 form a pair or pairs; "The two old friends paired off" [syn: pair, pair off, partner off]
4 make love; "Birds mate in the Spring" [syn: copulate, mate, pair]

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  1. Two partners in a romantic or sexual relationship.
    Joe and Amy make a nice couple.
  2. Two of the same kind connected or considered together (see Usage notes).
    They look like a couple of idiots!
  3. A small number of (see Usage notes) Informal.
    Let me have a couple of slices of pepperoni.
  4. One of the pairs of plates of two metals which compose a voltaic battery, called a voltaic couple or galvanic couple.
  5. Two forces that are equal in magnitude but opposite in direction (and acting along parallel lines), thus creating the turning effect of a torque or moment.

Usage notes

  • In U.K. usage, couple is followed by of when used to mean "two", as in "a couple of people". In US usage, of is often omitted, as in "I went there a couple times".
  • In the U.S., "a couple of things" or people may be used to mean two of them, but it is also often used to mean any small number. The latter usage is disputed.
    The farm is a couple of miles off the main highway [=a few miles away].
  • In the U.K., "a couple of" almost always means just two
    We’re going out to a restaurant with a couple of friends [=two friends].



two partners
two of the same kind considered together
a small number of
one of the pair of plates in a voltaic battery
two rotations, movements, etc., equal in amount but opposite in direction


  1. To join two things together.
    Now the conductor will couple the train cars.


to join two things together




  1. Two partners in a romantic or sexual relationship.
    Jean et Amélie forment un joli couple.

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a few, accouple, accumulate, affiliate, agglutinate, ally, amass, apply, arrange a match, articulate, assemble, associate, ball, band, band together, be in cahoots, be intimate, be made one, be spliced, become one, bind, bond, both, brace, bracket, bridge, bridge over, bunch, bunch up, cabal, cement, cement a union, centralize, chain, clap together, clot, club, club together, cluster, coalesce, cohabit, collect, combine, come together, commit adultery, comprise, concatenate, confederate, conglobulate, congregate, conjoin, conjugate, connect, consociate, conspire, contract matrimony, converge, copulate, correlate, couple up, couplet, cover, crowd, date, diddle, distich, double harness, double-harness, double-team, doublet, draw a parallel, duad, duet, duo, dyad, embrace, encompass, equate, espouse, federalize, federate, flock together, flow together, forgather, fornicate, frig, fuse, gang, gang around, gang up, gather, gather around, get hitched, give away, glue, go in partners, go in partnership, group, harness, have sex, have sexual relations, herd together, hitch, hive, hook up, hook up with, horde, huddle, identify, include, intermarry, interrelate, interwed, join, join forces, join fortunes with, join together, join up with, join with, knot, lay, lay together, league, lie with, link, look-alikes, lump together, make a match, make it with, make love, make one, make out, marry, marshal, mass, match, matching pair, mate, mates, meet, merge, mill, miscegenate, mobilize, mount, muster, nuptial, one or two, organize, pair, pair off, parallel, parallelize, partner, piece together, put together, rally, rally around, relate, relativize, remarry, rendezvous, rewed, roll into one, screw, seethe, serve, service, set, set of two, several, sleep with, solder, span, splice, stand together, stand up with, stick together, stream, surge, swarm, take in, take to wife, tape, team, team up, team up with, team with, the two, throng, throw in with, tie, tie in with, tie up with, twain, twins, two, twosome, unify, unionize, unite, unite in marriage, unite with, wed, weld, wive, yoke
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